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Fast and efficient Box Taping Machine, guaranteed to increase productivity

Box Taping machine that applies tape to the top and bottom of box simultaneously

Random. The FCS30SDR automatically senses the incoming box size and adjusts so it can seal correctly.

23m per minute. FROMM FCS30SDR Automatic Carton Taping Machine is guaranteed to increase productivity

120mm to 610mm

100mm to 610mm

Fast and efficient, the FROMM FCS30SDR Automatic Box Taping Machine is guaranteed to increase productivity. Featuring a rugged steel construction which is designed for round-the-clock operation, the FCS-30SDR is one of the most durable and reliable carton sealers on the market. It features safety guards on both sides and infeed conveyor for parcel alignment.

The FCS-30SDR’s sensors automatically detect your box dimensions, adjusts the width and applies tape to top and bottom simultaneously. To achieve the ultimate carton sealing integrity Fromm recommends our rubber based machine tape, talk to our friendly staff today.

All equipment is support by our on-site mobile service team and spare parts are readily available.

  • Easy to operate
  • Side drive system
  • Seals top and bottom
  • Self adjusts to incoming box size
  • Stand alone or inline
  • Tapes various box sizes automatically
  • Self adjusts to ensure optimal sealing of tape
  • Fast and efficient
  • Fast roll change with cassette
  • FROMM 2 year warranty
Technical Specifications
  • Product Code : FCS30SDR
  • Tape : 48mm
  • Speed : 23 m / minute
  • Voltage : 240V 1-phase
  • Special Feature : Cassette tape head
  • Air Consumption : 76L/min 6 bar
Machine Options
  • FCS Conveyor System

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