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Environmentally Friendly

FROMM Packaging is committed to helping our planet 

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

FROMM is focused on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle – Reduced resource consumption through efficiency, reuse of products and recycling and of materials.

Our goal is to limit the effects our products have on the environment. We actively strive, to develop and produce packaging machines and consumables for a better planet.

Our sustainable practices include:

PET Strap is manufactured from plastic bottles

FROMM is the first packaging company in Australia to manufacture and sell Plastic PET Strap made from recycled plastic bottles.

FROMM Plastic Strap is manufactured using up to 98 % recycled polyester bottle material (RPET) on state‐of‐the‐art extrusion lines. The majority of this recycled raw material is produced, amongst others, in FROMM‘s plastic recycling plant in Wolfen Germany.

The PET recycling plant produces PET pellets and PET flakes. FROMM use the flakes for our global production and on sell the pellets to other users and applications. At FROMM by using recycled resins we are not adding to the total amount of waste plastics in circulation. We use recyclables that are again recyclable.

With an input capacity of over 50,000 tons of bottles per year, FROMM is proud to be one of the worlds leading recycling specialists in Europe.

Stretch Film – Wrapping with up to 200% stretch

All FROMM Wrapping Machines and Stretch Film are manufactured to ensure pre-stretch film delivery is maintained to reduce your stretch film wastage, by up to 50% each year.

Protecting with up to 99% air

FROMM Void Fill Air Cushions, we offer our customers special HDPE films (25 – 65 microns) with a recycling rate of up to 60 %, biodegradable films or paper alternatives that guarantee a high load capacity. The patent void fill cushions consist of up to 99 % air – this saves a lot of weight, reduces shipping costs and is environmentally friendly. 

FROMM Bates Dunnage Bags are manufactured from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable once they have been used.

Sustainable Production

FROMMM Continually work to reduce the carbon footprint of all our processes, operations and facilities, including the use of energy-efficient machinery and tools.

Our plastics production and recycling plants operate with controlled, closed water circulation systems with integrated filtration. In some cases recycled wastewater is used.

Our production facilities work towards or meet almost ‘zero waste to landfill’; no waste is disposed to landfill. Metal, paper, cardboard, wood and glass are separated and fully processed and recycled by local waste companies. The film and strap waste, generated during production, is recovered in a closed cycle.


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