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FROMM provides a total Product Testing Solution

FROMM provides a total Product Testing Solution

At FROMM Packaging, we know that when you ship a product to a customer, you expect it to arrive in the same condition that it left your warehouse. The problem is that this doesn’t always happen! In fact, it’s been estimated that as many as 4% of customers return products to the manufacturer or reseller simply due to damage caused during the shipping process.  

If you are moving thousands of packages through your warehouse each month, a 4% return rate can be a significant hit to your profit margins (it can total in the millions of dollars), which is why we need to make sure that your pallets maintain their integrity during transportation, whether that’s by air, sea or land.

When you partner with FROMM Packaging, we don’t just supply the equipment, we also supply a total packaging testing solution to ensure that your pallets reach their destination in tip-top shape. This reduces your returns rate and increases your profit margins.

On the other hand, pallet loads that are not correctly contained prior to shipping can elevate the risk of pallet damage during transport, increasing your return rates and reducing your profits.

To reduce pallet damage during transit, FROMM Packaging provides the following three testing solutions.


Load Containment Testing


FROMM can test the containment force, which is the hugging pressure that holds your products together on the pallet.


Consumable Testing


Tests include the stretch ratio and elongation of the wrap, as well as puncture testing, comparing these with the manufacturer’s claims.


Shipping Simulation testing


Using specialised testing equipment, our technicians simulate the exact same conditions your pallets go through during transit.

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