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Void Fill Machine for large manufacturing company

FROMM AP100 Airpad Void Fill Machine 

FROMM recently partnered with a manufacturing specialist in high-quality mobile power equipment, who well to the industrial manufacturing and construction industries.

The company had 10 packing stations and a range of boxes to fix the designated void fill which was labour intensive and expensive for the business.

The goals were to find a Void Fill Machine solution that could integrate within their existing packaging area which is constructed of steel and aluminium frames.  The challenge was the new Void Fill Machine could not obstruct or sit in front of the boxes (positioned in packaging area) and to allow the staff easy access to the correct box size.

FROMM Packaging Void Fill Machine Solution 

FROMM Packaging recommended and installed the FROMM AP100 Airpad Void Fill Machine. The AP100 Void Fill Machine is a compact air pillow machine which is user friendly and ideal for decentralized packing stations. The AP100 Void Fill Machine is easy to use and features programable pillow sizes, low maintenance and is robust for industrial warehouse environments.

Overall the customer was able to maintain their packaging areas, increase production throughput and decrease their packaging costs.


Void Fill Machine Installation Images



FROMM AP100 Airpad Void Fill Machine 



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