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Void Fill Machine Solution for Large Logistics Company

Void Fill Machine Solution using Bubble Wrap Film 

SF Express Logistics has been operating for over 25 years, are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and are one of the largest logistics companies in China.

SF Express was storing and using rolls of bubble wrap to protect their goods during transport. Each parcel would need to be hand wrapped in two to three layers of bubble wrap. This process was time consuming and used a large amount of warehouse space storing the rolls of bubble wrap.

SF Express worked with our local partners in China to design a new bubble wrap system. The FROMM AP150 Void Fill Machine was installed and trailed on site. The FROMM Void Fill Machine can inflate bubble wrap on demand at speeds of 8m per minute. Patented Air filling technology which guarantees no air leakage or seal breakage with a defect rate of less than 0.06%. The AP150 Void Fill Machine uses ambient air pressure, reducing energy consumption and noise.

After a 6 month trial, SF Logistics discovered that by using the FROMM AP150 Void Fill Machine the average material cost per package reduced by 30%. The new FROMM Void Fill Machine has eliminated the complex and expensive hand wrapping process and associated WH&S issues. The product is now only wrapped in one layer of plastic bubble film. The plastic film is lightweight, easy for the customer to remove and is 100% recyclable.

SF Express has installed over 1000 FROMM AP150 Void Fill Machines across all their warehouses in China.



3 layers of bubble wrap                              FROMM Void Fill Bubble Wrap 


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