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FROMM Warranty & Service Solutions

At FROMM Packaging, we know that purchasing end-of-line packaging equipment is a sizable, but often necessary investment for your company. However, any disruptions or breakdowns in this equipment can easily result in delayed orders, lost time, and dissatisfied customers.

That’s why we put so much research and design into the manufacturing process of our packaging equipment because we want you to feel secure in knowing that your FROMM Packaging equipment is of the highest quality. To give you 100% faith in our products, we also give you a two-year warranty that covers all parts and labour.

So if anything breaks down (unlikely, but it can happen!), our team of qualified and experienced service technicians will visit on-site and get your packaging line up and running again, in no time at all. We even provide back up equipment, if it’s going to take too long to repair your equipment, ensuring that your business doesn’t suffer because of unexpected downtimes.


Service Solutions

At FROMM Packaging, we provide a range of service solutions that ensure your packaging equipment is running at its best, at all times. To maintain your free 2-year warranty, FROMM technicians need to perform 6-monthly services or health checks on your FROMM equipment.

Our scheduled maintenance program keeps your equipment performing at optimum levels, reducing your operating costs, as well as your return rates that may be due to faulty load containment and unplanned downtimes to fix emergency repairs.

Apart from our scheduled services, we also provide an emergency response service to repair any problems that may cause your equipment to fail or breakdown. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians will arrive at your site, as soon as possible, and repair your equipment within one business day. However, if the equipment cannot be repaired within one day, we can provide emergency back up equipment to get you up and running until your equipment has been repaired.

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FROMM Machine Warranty

At FROMM Packaging, we provide you with a 2-year warranty for each piece of equipment, effective from the date of delivery to your site. You don’t need to register your warranty, we will do that automatically for you when you purchase your equipment. However, if you purchase other equipment through FROMM that is not manufactured by us and they offer a longer warranty, we can often provide you with an extended warranty on the equipment.

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