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Shipping Simulation Testing

Shipping Simulation Testing Solutions

With a commitment to reducing transit damage of our customer’s pallets, FROMM Packaging offers shipping stimulation testing. Since up to 4% of products can be returned due to transit damage, it’s vital that our customers optimise their shipping operations to ensure that this damage is minimised. Reduced transit damage equals greater profits for our customers and they, in turn, enjoy more satisfaction from their customers.

What is Shipping Simulation Testing? 

Shipping simulation testing replicates the conditions a pallet goes through during the shipping process. This means that our technicians can identify which pallet parameters are under threat and wherein the shipping process these threats occur.

During transit pallets can be dropped by forklifts, knocked over or crushed, the plastic wrap can be torn or punctured and the strapping misaligned or broken (the plastic wrap and strapping are tested using our consumable testing solution). Any damage to the pallets can result in equal damage to the contained products, resulting in damaged products that are returned to the manufacturer or reseller.

Knowing what may cause damage to your pallets, the forces involved and where this damage can occur during transit, gives you vital information. This information can be used to adjust your machine’s packaging parameters, increasing the integrity of your wrapped pallets, reducing transit damage, and keeping your customers happy.

How is testing performed? 

Our technicians use specialised equipment that simulates the same conditions a pallet endures during shipping. All of this testing is performed in-house, which is a first for the packaging industry in Australia.

Specifically, we test load stabilisation and stress on load in transit, using sustained tilt testing. To meet the NTC (National Transport Commission) guidelines, any loads that undergo friction due to tilting need to be tested up to an angle of 38.5 degrees to replicate 80% of the weight of the load in a forward braking situation (0.8G force).

Our technicians use a laser scanner profile to obtain accurate and precise measurements of the results from these tests. The laden and fully wrapped pallets are scanned both before and after each test, recording and quantifying the effect of these forces on the pallet.

Using the results of the FROMM Transport Shipping Simulator, our technicians then review this data and write a report for our customer, including any recommendations that will help reduce pallet damage during shipping. Essentially, our customers can leverage scientific testing to optimise the amount of plastic wrap or strapping that is required to contain their loads safely during transit.



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